Tuesday, June 22, 2010

how about you meet me at mikes for the envelope project!

had a few minutes to put together my little contribution to this fabulous project!
Oh how lucky the winner will be!!
I do hope Pip gets to keep all those lovely envelopes addressed to her x

Thursday, June 3, 2010

sleepless nights, racing minds

so i have a feverish baby. She has been unwell the last few days and will not seem to sleep unless perched precariously on my shoulder. Even when she seems so soundly asleep, after snoozing there for what seems an eternity, the minute i try to put her into her basinette, awake.
That moment i think, "gee, i might finally get to......" awake.
"maybe ill just fold that...." awake.

Perhaps i will get to the washing. It can wait. Perhaps i will return the penpal letters i have put off for what seems for ever. They will be worth the wait.  Perhaps i might organize my photos in an effort to actually upload some. They are saved. Perhaps i might get into the poor neglected sewing room.Oh, that can wait.  Perhaps i will get to work for the opening of my store. That really mustn't wait. boy. i have some sewing to do. 

So as she wriggles on my lap, obviously still in some discomfort. It waits...it all can wait. Another sleepless night, more thinking, brainstorming, planning. 
tomorrow is a new day

Monday, May 17, 2010


well it has been a while between posts.....
there is an excuse i promise- a new business! yes! i am so super excited to have ventured into the land of a gorgeous retail store!
it may mean less blogging, or perhaps more, that is yet to be known, but i have plenty of ideas happening, reclaimed fabric to be sewn and deliveries from gorgeous suppliers to be received! 
One fabulous line i will be stocking is  Little Harvest ! oh yay! can't wait! 
so Hennie and Fox shall be a cute little store filled with things for the littlies...handmade, reclaimed and vintage inspired deights!

Friday, April 9, 2010

feeling a little wierd

does something just freak you out so much you are afraid to sleep? Not in a really scary way, just that i am quite a vivid dreamer and am a little worried with what those dreams may bring. Seem to have some strange things in my life at the moment and my brain is on overload. perhaps a nice cup of tea will help.
nitey nite x

Monday, March 29, 2010

some nice photos

tully and candi
cup of tea. what else? something they BOTH love
candi is here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the day i nearly killed the sewing machine

i was only saying last night how smoothly my machine was working. Of course i jinxed myself. With a sewing deadline looming, my beloved Elna decides to throw a wobbly.
It was almost thrown out the window but some quiet words and all was well again. Must be feeling a little jealous of the singer overlocker arriving next week. So back to sewing some easter treats.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

attack on the sewing room, round two

ok, so first post is about the war with my sewing room. I have a husband who is a minimalist and me, a hoarder and lover of clutter who thrives in chaos.
Add a relatively small house, two small children, running a small business and no patience (on my husbands side) into the mix and you get what is referred to as the "end room"
My husbands idea is to just back a skip up to the window and "that will fix your dilemma in no time honey".
I do have another plan, hence round two. I just love stuff and am fabulous at starting something, finding something else equally as exciting, starting that, reading a few blogs, getting some more ideas, browsing flickr, and BAM there you have it! Sarah has started a million things, finished none, written ten thousand lists (i LOVE writing lists) and has a craft room that looks like its suffered a mortar attack!
So im on attempt two the clean up/sort out/THROW out of all of my beloved stuff. And to tell you the truth, it's actually going really well! i have a small bag for the rubbish, two large boxes for recycling, an actual idea of all the "stuff" i have (boy it's a lot!) rediscovered some beautiful memories- my son's 20 week scan- he still has the same little nose, some GREAT supplies, plenty of wool ready for winter knitting, more vintage and reclaimed fabric than you can poke a stick at and yes, some UFO"S. ok. not really some, LOADS!
Im so embarrassed to post a before picture, i think i'll just delight in the joys of after.